Guided Meditation - Body Sweeping by Ajahn Brahm

Venerable Bhikkhu Brahmavaṃso Mahathera (Ajahn Brahm) gave a guidance on what is referred to be a sweeping meditation, which is said to be a very easy meditation to do and gives you a very good instant result. I found that Ajahn made a really great point there. For people who feel that they cannot get their mind focus right away on their meditation object, I suggest them to watch this video and follow Ajahn's guidance on doing this meditation technique prior to focusing the mind on the meditation object.

What I see in this meditation technique, there are important points to be followed, which are:
  • You should firstly relax your body generally (not being stiffed).
  • Put your attention into the present moment (here-and-now).
  • Notice any sensations on your body-parts and then relax those sensations. Then notice that the sensations will change. Do this stage-by-stage from toes to head.
  • You can relax those sensations by "making contact" and "sending kindness" to them.
  • Finally, relax your body toe-to-head then head-to-toe. Feel all your body is relaxed.
Well then, there you go, I do hope you would find this guidance helpful like I did.

Video courtesy of:
  1. Venerable Bhikkhu Brahmavaṃso Mahathera (Ajahn Brahm), 
  2. YouTube, and 
  3. The people involved in the making of and uploading the video.
May you find all the guidance you need for attaining Nibbana.

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