Monasticism, Lifestyle, and Community by Ajahn Geoff

Venerable Bhikkhu Ṭhānissaro Mahathera (Ajahn Geoff) talked on monasticism, lifestyle, and community. These were the questions asked in that short talk:
  • What is a monastery? 
  • Some people think that to go to a monastery is to run away from the world and that it is a selfish act. What do you think? 
  • What are the drawback of solitude? 
  • What inspired you to join a monastery? 
  • Can non-Buddhists benefit from a monastery? 
  • What would you say to those who think that to go to a monastery is weird? 
  • Do you think that seeking happiness too hard, causes suffering? 
Video courtesy of:
  1. Venerable Bhikkhu Ṭhānissaro Mahathera (Ajahn Geoff), 
  2. YouTube, and 
  3. The people involved in the making of and uploading the video.
May you find all the guidance you need for attaining Nibbana.

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Dhammapada Verse 354

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