Dealing with Difficult People by Ajahn Brahm

Venerable Bhikkhu Brahmavaṃso Mahathera (Ajahn Brahm) gave a talk on dealing with difficult people. First of all, Ajahn taught us that how you deal with difficult people is to to know that difficult people are par for the course. From there we should learn that it's not unusual to have difficult people around us. Ajahn added that no matter what we do, where we go, and how we behave, we're always going to meet them.

In this talk, Ajahn showed how we can apply this great insights from meditation and Buddhism to help solve many of the problems in this world, including how to deal with difficult people when you meet with them. To summarize things up, here are the points on how we could deal with difficult people according to Ajahn:
  1. Difficult people, difficult beings and difficult situations in life - they all are common. There is nothing wrong and we will never find any place where we can runaway, hide and escape from them. Therefore, we have to accept them and learn that they are part of life and we can learn so much from them, 
  2. We need to realize that most of the difficulty of difficult people is actually coming from ourselves, it's the way how we react to them. Sometime when we think that how irritating they are for us, they will be equally irritating towards themselves. Those poor people have to live with that mind 24 hours a day. We can then grow our empathy and compassion towards them, and
  3. You can actually change difficult people. And how this can be done? Find the answer in the video and you will hear inspiring things apart from great jokes told by Ajahn.
Video courtesy of:
  1. Venerable Bhikkhu Brahmavaṃso Mahathera (Ajahn Brahm), 
  2. YouTube, and 
  3. The people involved in the making of and uploading the video.
May you find all the guidance you need for attaining Nibbana.

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